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Islamic Studies Classes

Comprehensive Worship Exclusively for Allah Alone

Prerequisite: Laa Ilaha Ill Allah

Beneficial Speech in Establishing the Evidences of Tawheed

Prerequisite: Comprehensive Worship Exclusively for Allah Alone 

The Nullifiers of Islam

No prerequisite. Memorization and explanation.

Aqeedah Question & Answer

No prerequisite. Memorization only

The Three Fundamental Principles

Prerequisite: *Must be able to read Arabic at Beginner Level 3 




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*Only those that have successfully completed Laa Ilaha Ill-Allah, Comprehensive Worship and Beneficial Speech are able to register for the Nullifiers of Islam.

*If you are choosing multiple classes you must submit multiple registration forms.

Inquiries regarding Islamic Studies classes can be emailed to or sent via the contact form above.

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