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Student Policy

Attendance & Punctuality

1. Students are required to attend all classes on time. Advancement to the next level requires attendance of a minimum of 80%. You are not allowed more than 3 absences per 8 week semester.


2. A student must inform the Administration or their Instructor 24 hours in advance of their absence.


3. Arriving to class more than 15 minutes after it has began three times then that will count as one absence.


4. If a student has a valid and sudden emergency, she must contact the Administration or their Instructor as soon as possible. After reviewing the matter the absence may not count.


5. All students are responsible for any work they have missed due to their absence or lateness.

Student Behavior and Conduct

As an Islamic institution we must all exemplify the best of character in all of our interactions as instructed by our Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alaihi wa salaam), who stated "The best among you are those who have the best manners and best character." {Sahih Bukhari}. It is to be imperative that we remain professional, respectful, and non-disruptive inside and outside of class. Any student violating the behaior and conduct policy set forth will initially be issued one verbal warning. The second occurrence will warrant an Academic Warning issued by the Executive Director. If the student does not improve and remains in violation she will be expelled from MI4NB with NO REFUND.


Markazul Ilm LinNisaa wa Banaat WILL NOT tolerate the following behavior:

  • Any type of abuse or any attempts to harm anyone.

  • Verbal or Physical threats

  • Harassment or intimidation

  • Disrespectful, rude, or disorderly behavior towards any MI4NB instructors, Administrative staff, volunteers or students.

  • Excessive talking and disruption in class

  • Foul or offensive language

  • Academic dishonesty

Class Materials & Required Text

It is imperative that all students come to class prepared with the necessary materials. A pen/pencil, notebook and textbook are required for the first day of class. Any questions regarding required text can be emailed to

Assignments & Assessments

1. Homework:

MI4NB programs are intensive and cover a large amount of material in a short period of time, therefore homework is essential. All students are required to purchase the required text, complete and submit homework on time.


2. Classwork and Participation:

Classwork and class participation is vital for a student's success. Class participation is helpful for a student's learning and comprehension. It also assists fellow classmates in understanding and internalizing lessons.


3. Tests/Quizzes:

Students will be given tests/quizzes periodically throughout the course in order to assess the student’s progress and comprehension.


4. Final Exams:

Students are required to take a four week assessment to progress to the next level. A final is given at the end of each 8 week semester.

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