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Getting started:

You must have an existing account or sign up for a WizIQ account at prior to class beginning. The email you provide us with to send out your class invitation must be the same as the email address you use to set up your WizIQ account.

*Smart phone/iPad/Tablet users will need to download the WizIQ and Virtual Classrooms apps.

Accessing the Virtual Classroom

Accepting class invitations:

1. When you receive your class invitation links via email please open them all and select view class.


2. You will be redirected to WizIQ.


3. Click on register for class.


4. All of your classes should load under your WizIQ profile if you follow steps 1 and 2 for each emailed invitation.

Logging into Class:

1. Log into the WizIQ website on your computer or laptop or pull up the app if you are on a tablet or smartphone and log into WizIQ.


2. On a computer; choose live classes on the left hand side of your screen. On a smartphone; choose the option at the bottom that looks like an easel and a board. Go to future classes.


3. You will then see an option that says join class. Click on join class.



1. You DO NOT need the initial emailed class invitations to access your classes.

2. You are able to log in via using the username and password you created your profile under or at under the Virtual Academy page (you will still need your WizIQ login information).

WizIQ helpful hints and technical support contact information:

WizIQ Contact Numbers:

US: 1-800-567-8059 (Toll Free)



India: 1-800-3000-1771 (Toll Free)



Europe: +44-(0)-20-7193-6503


Middle East: +973-16198000

Class link request form:

This contact form is only to be used to receive missing class links:


Phone Number*

WizIQ Email Address*


Class Day(s)*

Class Times*

Missing Class Link Dates*

Please be sure to follow the directions under "Accepting Class Links" prior to submitting a "missing link request form".

Markazul Ilm LinNisaa wa Banaat helpful hints:

Please be sure to write down your teacher's name and contact information at the beginning of class.


For personal issues contact your teacher outside of your class WhatsApp group.


Class updates, homework and handouts will be sent via your class Whatsapp group.

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